Water Born by Rachel Ward

Official blurb: The curse has resurfaced … As fifteen-year-old Nicola takes to the water, her parents begin to discover that the truth they tried to drown is coming back to haunt them. And when girls start dying, it’s only a matter of time before they will all be dragged back under …

 Review: Rachel Ward can’t write fast enough for my liking. I loved The Drowning (and you don’t need to read it first to make sense of this – I’d read it so long ago I’d forgotten details, although I assure you your time is never wasted reading anything by Rachel Ward, so do pick up The Drowning as well!), and Water Born is another top read with superb plotting and excruciating tension. I kept meaning to put it down when I reached the end of the chapter … then the end of the next … then the next… It was so easy to read I wasn’t aware of reading, I was simply ‘in’ the story.

All the relationships were handled very well – that of Nic with the other swim team girls, with her parents, and I particularly enjoyed the relationship between Nic and Milton which didn’t pan out conventionally. It also provided a nice foil to the relationship between Nic and Harry and made for a rounded and complex situation for Nic to battle through while danger swelled around her.

I loved it and can’t wait for the next – five out of five piranhas.

piranha stars turquoise 5

Reviewed by Katy Haye

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