INVISIBLE by Cecily Anne Paterson

Set in Australia, this is an engrossing read for the younger Young Adult (say 10 to 14 years). Jaz is a believable heroine in a difficult family situation who tries to cope with it by not being seen – not by becoming invisible in a fantasy-way, but just by effacing herself into the background. When life doesn’t allow her to do this, she has to take risks, make friends, and cope with the real world. Can she do it?

I found some of the secondary characters (e.g. Jaz’s mother) irritating and fairly two-dimensional, I would also have liked to have more feel for the Australian background – but overall a good read and one I’d recommend.

Relationships/family – yes

Romance – yes

Sex – no

Mystery – no

Fantasy – no

piranha stars blue 4

Posted by Gill-Marie Stewart

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