Film Review – ‘Divergent’

Divergent – I’ve never been a big fan of dystopian films or books, so didn’t have high expectations for this film. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The whole concept of a world divided into groups who all have specific tasks isn’t new, but I liked the ones in this story and the fact that teenagers were allowed to choose their place in the world rather than being forced into something they didn’t want, as is usually the case.

The heroine, Tris, discovers that she is very different to everyone else – a so called ‘Divergent’ – because she has the skills to be in all the groups, yet is too free-thinking to really fit in. Her sort of independent mind is feared by those in power and once they realise what she is, she knows she will be hunted and possibly killed.

First, she has to try and prove herself worthy of being a member of the group she chooses, and that is a huge battle for her to overcome. With the help of the enigmatic hero ‘Four’ (real name Tobias) though, she manages, and together they take on the bad guys. And yes, there’s some romance along the way too, but I won’t give any more spoilers.

I really liked this film and thought it was very well done. I know it’s the first of a trilogy, so look forward to seeing the others in due course.

4 Piranhas

Review by Pia Fenton

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