Unremembered by Jessica Brody

Cover picture for Unremembered by Jessica Brody


A catastrophic plane crash leaves one survivor: a girl with no memory. Who is she? Where does she come from? Nobody knows and no one comes forward to claim her.

Haunted by a looming threat she can’t remember and plagued by abilities she doesn’t understand, she struggles to recall who she is. But every clue leads to more questions. And she’s running out of time to answer them.

Her only hope is a boy who claims they were once in love.

Alone and on the run, who should she trust? And what if she discovers that she is safer with a past that stays … unremembered?


Unremembered started very well – it was pacy, tense and intriguing. As ‘Vi’s’ story unfolded and she tried to figure out her past and how she’d come to survive the plane crash my interest was maintained.

However, it lost a lot of traction from about halfway through as the relationship with Zen came more to the fore – the low tension of the emotional relationship wasn’t as gripping as the more dramatic tension of who Vi was and how she’d ended up in the plane wreckage.

Vi (whose real name turns out to be Sera) didn’t convince at this point, which may have been because Brody relied far too much on tell rather than show – I was told how strong the love between Sera and Zen was, but without being shown it I wasn’t convinced.  Now, I don’t underestimate how difficult it is to show that emotional connection when Sera was still suffering from amnesia and had to be told her memories by Zen – but just because a job is difficult doesn’t excuse you from having to do it well.

The knock-on effect was that Sera ended up coming across as a bit drippy. Her life was in danger, but she was quite happy sacrifice herself to save a boy she’s been told she loves. I’d have preferred it if the novel had stayed more as a thriller with the romance much more in the background, but maybe that’s just me.

I wavered between a 3 and 4 score, but ultimately the fabulously imaginative, killer premise clinched a 4 for it.

piranha stars turquoise 4

(As an aside, if you finish the book and decide you might like to read more – don’t read the blurb for Unchosen (book 3) because it completely gives away the outcome of book 2 (Unforgotten) – why would a publisher do that? Sigh.

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