ADORKABLE by Sarra Manning

Blurb – Welcome to the dork side. It’s going to be a bumpy ride…

Jeane Smith’s a blogger, a dreamer, a dare-to-dreamer, jumble sale queen, CEO of her own lifestyle brand and has half a million followers on Twitter.

Michael Lee’s a star of school, stage and playing field. A golden boy in a Jack Wills hoodie.

They have nothing in common but a pair of cheating exes. So why can’t they stop snogging?


Okay, I’m going to say it straight out, I don’t expect to give many 5-piranha reviews, but Adorkable gets one. The characters are odd but completely believable and engaging. They are also annoying, but again in a very realistic way.

The heroine, Jeane, is in many ways an anti-heroine – not pretty, has very few friends, is immensely successful in her own sphere (blogging, tweeting, etc) but unpopular at school. She doesn’t even have a heroine-like name! I found her quirky and infuriating, but was always rooting for her.

The hero, Michael, is a more typical hero – good-looking, sporty, clever. The whole plot revolves around how these two can be attracted to each other, and whether they can create a long-term relationship where they acknowledge each other in public.

The sex is handled in an upfront and realistic way, without going in to graphic detail. It was good to read a book that showed sexual relationships aren’t easy, and that they aren’t any easier for boys than for girls.

One thing I particularly liked about this book was that it wasn’t trying to copy anything else I have read, it was a one off, and all the better for that.

Thoroughly recommended!

Relationships/family – yes

Romance – yes

Sex – yes

Mystery – no

Fantasy – nopiranha stars blue 5

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