Film Review – Transformers: Age of Extinction

I loved the first three Transformers films and was eagerly waiting for this one, but I’m afraid I was disappointed. This is probably one of those sequels that should never have been made, I’m sorry to say. The special effects were as awesome as before but where this movie fell down was in the story itself – the plot was difficult to follow, sometimes downright confusing.

Film poster from

Film poster from

There is a US federal agent who thinks all Transformers are evil, whether they’re the good (Autobots) or bad ones (Decepticons), and wants them gone from Earth completely. He’s made some kind of pact with an alien from a big spaceship who has come to hunt down the Autobots and take them back to their maker (whoever that is – we don’t find out). They try to capture or kill any remaining Autobots. All the Decepticons have been defeated already, what’s left of them given to a mad scientist who is trying to duplicate their DNA in order to create new Transformers that he can control. What he doesn’t realise is that they’re not really dead and their memories live on so what he’s done is recreate Decepticons.

You then have Cade, an ordinary guy from Texas who’s a mechanic and inventor, and single dad to a teenage girl. They’re struggling to make ends meet and are in danger of losing their home through debts. He stumbles on what’s left of Optimus Prime (the leader of the Autobots) and restores him so Optimus can go and find his old friends. The federal agents begin to hunt them all (humans included, Cade + daughter + daughter’s boyfriend) and the story takes off from there, moving to China and Hong Kong along the way.

It’s very hard to follow all this and the ending is less than satisfactory. Although most people can probably guess who wins the battles, we don’t get a proper conclusion for Cade – does he get paid for his part in all this? Or does he go home, still in debt, and loses his house? What? I’m sorry, but I was left feeling very confused.

(Minor point – he’s played by Mark Wahlberg who looks more like he could be his daughter’s boyfriend rather than her dad, and although there was a possible love interest for him, that story line was never pursued which was disappointing).

If you’re a diehard fan of Transformers, you might still like this, but if not, I’d give it a miss.


3 Piranhas

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