Blackfin Sky

Official blurb:

When Sky falls from Blackfin Pier and drowns on her sixteenth birthday, the whole town goes into mourning – until she shows up three months later like nothing happened.

Unravelling the mystery of those missing months takes Sky to the burned-out circus in the woods, where whispers of murder and kidnapping begin to reveal the town’s secrets. But Sky’s not the only one digging up the past – the old mime from the circus knows what happened to her, and he has more than one reason for keeping quiet about it.
The cover of YA novel Blackfin Sky

Review by Katy Haye:

I picked this up from a Twitter recommendation and I’m so glad I did. Blackfin Sky is refreshing, creative and utterly wonderful.

The town of Blackfin is a fabulous location; a character in itself and home to a cast of oddballs brought vividly to life by Ellis (I was reminded of Charlaine Harris who has the same talent of bringing a minor character to life with only a very few words). I particularly liked the diner cook who lisps because he has no front teeth. In most books that would make him memorable enough, but that’s not sufficient for surreal Blackfin, so he also has heterochromia (one blue and one brown eye), but even that isn’t remarkable enough and he’s described as “wearing the blue on the right today.”

Blackfin Sky is a love story (or several), a mystery and a drama and the tense ending had me catching my breath. I loved it.

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