Unravel by Imogen Howson

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 Blurb – In a world far from our own, Lissa has exposed a dangerous secret. Captive twins, known as Spares, have been the subjects of dark government experiments. And Lissa’s own twin was one of the first victims.

Running for their lives, Lissa and Lin discover another rebel faction of twins, and they believe they’ve found allies at last. But a terrifying threat is waiting in the shadows…

Can Lissa protect Lin in a world that wants to destroy her?

This is the second in the ‘Linked’ series. The first, the eponymous ‘Linked’, was published in 2013 and won the Romantic Novelists’ Association Young Adult Romantic Novel of The Year in 2014. Despite this, ‘Linked’ and its sequel ‘Unravel’ are not stereotypical romances – they are at least as much about adventure and survival in a weirdly compelling sci-fi world as they are about love.

When ‘Unravel’ begins, Elissa and Lin know they are identical twins linked by a psychic connection, and Lin has been accorded legal human status. But that doesn’t mean their problems have ended. They decide to return to their home plant of Sekoia to offer help, but their arrival is met first with rejection, then violence. Alongside the rollercoaster adventures is the relationship between Elissa and Caden, which I think works better in this book than in the first. Caden comes across as a much more rounded character.

The world of Sekoia is brilliantly realised and the story-line of the ‘Spares’ – the rejected twins – and the devastated planet makes the reader think about the issues of refugees, of belonging and of ecological disaster without being obviously issue-driven

This is a gripping read, but I have to say I did wonder at times if there can be such a thing as too much tension? Too much of that ‘oh not something else is going to go wrong’ feeling? Or maybe that is just me! Despite that one reservation, this is a book I’d definitely recommend.

piranha stars blue 4

Gill-Marie Stewart

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