Film Review – Kingsman (The Secret Service)

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I have to say first of all that this movie is not for anyone afraid of gore – it was gory and violent in the extreme, although in a kind of surreal way which might help a bit if you’re squeamish.

Kingsman (The Secret Service) is about a very secret spy organisation which is looking for a new recruit. Usually they only take on upper class youngsters for training, but one of the mentors (played by Colin Firth) decides to give a street kid a chance and recruits him. He has to go to a kind of spy academy with the others, where they get eliminated one by one until there are only two left fighting for the position of new spy. They are all very competitive and of course try to pick on our hero (the street kid, brilliantly played by Taron Egerton).

At the same time there is some crazy maniac who is a threat to the world and has to be stopped. Of course, the only people who can do that is the secret spy organisation, including the new recruit.

I wasn’t sure whether I’d like this as it sounded like a very strange film, but actually I loved it! Despite all the fighting and killing, it is very funny in parts and you can’t help but root for the street kid as he stands up to the “toffs” and also learns that sometimes a bit of refinement is called for, not just violence. This may not be to everyone’s taste, but if you like weird and wacky dark humour, then this is probably for you. And without giving away the plot, can I just say that one of my favourite parts was played by a pug 🙂

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2 Responses to Film Review – Kingsman (The Secret Service)

  1. I found this film a bit confusing, as it didn’t seem to know what it wanted to be – comic book action, James Bond spoof, or outright comedy. There were some funny moments, and the action was brilliantly choreographed and clever, but I felt that all the ideas were wasted on the settings/scenarios for the fight scenes that they chose. The lady with blades on her prosthetics was awesome though, even if she didn’t get much time to develop a character.


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