The Ghosts of Heaven by Marcus Sedgwick

Ghosts of Heaven by @MarcusSedgwick is up for the @YAbookprize. Which just goes to prove the enormous variety that you find under the label #YA


ghosts of heavenI had to check twice while I was reading this book that it really was on the YA Book Prize list and wasn’t just something that had wandered into my YA Book Prize pile by mistake. It doesn’t feel like a YA book to me. Not that it’s too young, or too adult, nothing like that. It’s just that the characters of YA books are generally young adults, and the themes tend to be things that concern young adults. The Ghosts of Heaven is not a typical YA read.

There are four separate sections to the book. The author tells us we can read them in any order, and though they do stand alone, to me, there is a build up which works best in the order they’re laid out. Plus that way they’re chronological. The first quarter, ‘Whispers in the Dark’, is set in prehistoric times, the story of…

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