Film Review – Cinderella (2015 version)

I’m a huge fan of fairy tales and am always willing to read or watch any new takes on them, including modern retellings. That’s why, when I saw that there was a new version of Cinderella, I immediately headed to my nearest cinema to watch it.

Although I enjoyed it, I can’t really say that it brought anything radically different to the story – it seemed to be a mixture of the original (traditional) version with the cartoon take on it, complete with magic and random animals turned into coach horses and grooms – but the whole film was stunningly beautiful with the most amazing costumes/dresses, shot in vivid colours and a house that I would absolutely love to live in!

The characters were played by a mixture of well-known and unknown actors/actresses: Lily James is Ella/Cinderella, Helena Bonham-Carter is the fairy godmother, Derek Jacobi  the prince’s father and Stellan Skarsgård a Grand Duke. The step-mother, played by Cate Blanchett, was over-the-top evil as always, but Blanchett is such a brilliant actress she made the role believable, while the step-sisters were mostly silly. I’m afraid the prince (actor Richard Madden) didn’t do it for me – he was nice enough but just not my cup of tea. I’m sure some of you will disagree!

Would I recommend this? Yes, if you like pretty tame fairy tales and gorgeous dresses and you’re not expecting any surprises. For me, it was worth it just to see the blue dress Cinderella wears to the ball – now that is one ballgown I wouldn’t mind owning!

3 Piranhas



(Three and a half piranhas)

Pia xx

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  1. segmation says:

    I enjoyed Cinderella’s dress! What beautiful colors and art! Right?


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