Film Review – Ant-Man

I think the viewers’ opinions on this film will be divided into two camps – those who love the whole Marvel franchise and can’t get enough, waiting eagerly for the next instalment, and those who don’t like superheroes at all and aren’t connecting with the world Marvel have   created. I fall squarely in the first category, so I loved it!

I have to admit, I went to see this film thinking I probably wouldn’t enjoy it all that much. I mean, just the title – Ant-Man – sounds a bit, well … ridiculous? We’ve had superheroes like Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk, so how could a little guy the size of an ant possibly compete? And yet he did and I enjoyed it enormously!

For fans of the Marvel movies (Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Captain American, Avengers etc), this movie starts out with some familiar faces and names, which immediately pulls you back into that world. It’s reassuring and you feel the comfort that comes from being in a place you know and love. Throughout, there were references to the Avengers and you come to understand how Ant-Man can fit in with the other superheroes.

He has his own story though, and it is one that tugs at the emotions – Scott is a guy who’s been in prison (he’s a former cat-burglar, although his crime was apparently of the Robin Hood type so not so bad) and when he gets out, no one wants to give him a job. That means he can’t pay maintenance for his six-year old daughter and his ex-wife won’t let him see her without him having a proper job and place to live. So basically, he’s in a vicious circle. Then along comes Dr Pym, creator of the Ant-Man suit which shrinks a man to ant size while still giving him great strength. And Dr Pym wants Scott to do a job for him …

I won’t give away any more of the plot, but there are some wonderful secondary characters, a love interest and a believably bad villain. There are also ants – of course – and a lot of humour, and Paul Rudd, who plays Scott, is a very likeable guy. You root for him right from the start and want him to succeed.

If you don’t like superheroes, don’t go and see this movie, but personally I really enjoyed it and yet again I’m now left wanting the next instalment in the Marvel series of films which will lead up to the final Avengers movie(s). Bring it and hurry up please!

Pia xx

4 Piranhas


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