Remix by Non Pratt

remixIn my opinion, friends are just about the most important thing in a young person’s life. Clearly there’s also food and housing and health and mental health and love and sex and somewhere on the list we ought to add schooling. But think about it, scan your past or your present: where are you, how are you, WHO are you, without your friends?

Remix is about Kaz and Ruby and their friendship. It’s also about their families and their ex-boyfriends and about the music festival they go to, but mostly it’s about their friendship. And it’s so honestly and lovingly drawn, you’ll believe every word: the things that don’t have to be said because both of you already understand; the care you take of each other; the desperation when you realise you’ve overstepped the mark and may have lost your best friend. “Friendship isn’t meant to be perfect,” Non Pratt tells us, “Because people aren’t perfect. People will lie, they will cheat and they will let you down. Friendship is what picks you up.”

I wasn’t wild about Non Pratt’s last book, Trouble. You can see my review here. I could see the potential in it, but mostly the problem was that I couldn’t empathise with the characters. Remix is a whole different thing. Read it.

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Claire Watts

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