Film Review – The Martian

The_Martian_film_posterNo, this film’s not about a little green man from Mars – as if you didn’t know that already. No chance of missing Matt Damon all over billboards and the sides of buses as the lone astronaut trying to survive after he’s been left behind on Mars.

What grabbed me about the film (and it’s what I loved about the book too) is that it’s a sci-fi film that isn’t all about action sequences (though there are some pretty good ones). It’s clever and funny (you know it’s going to be a good review from me if I reckon it’s clever and funny!) and strong on character like the very best science fiction writing. I’m told that apart from a couple of enormous liberties taken for the sake of the plot, the science is pretty accurate too. For me, when Matt Damon said ‘I’m going to have to science the shit out of this’ I believed that was what he was doing and I was rooting for him.

Did I love it? Maybe not as much as I loved the book (see my review here), but I’d watch it again quite happily any time you like.

piranha stars green 4

Claire Watts

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  1. I’ll probably have to wait for the rental movie. Loved the book.


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