Dystopia – Anthony Ergo


Official blurb:

It’s Friday the Thirteenth and it’s Sasha Hunter’s birthday. It’s also the anniversary of Dystopia day; a catastrophic world-wide blackout, and the day Sasha’s mother disappeared. Three years on, the world has started to recover. But for Sasha, everything is falling apart…

Sasha Hunter is a socially awkward walking-bad-omen, cursed with asthma and as superstitious as they come. When a strange boy delivers a mysterious game of hangman, Sasha makes a shocking discovery which will change her life forever. The world, still in recovery from Dystopia Day, is no longer the safe place she thought it was. Only by uncovering the truth can Sasha hope to save herself and everyone around her.

Review by Katy Haye:

I admire pace more than anything else in a book, and Dystopia has it in spades – there’s barely a moment to catch your breath from start to finish.

I loved Sasha, who was flawed but strong and determined – and her growing relationship with Aaron was realistic and heartfelt.

The story was hugely creative: imaginative and full of twists, and the denouement was gasp-aloud brilliant.

The only thing that could have been better was that I wasn’t sure how much time was ticking away –  a timecheck at the start of each chapter would have wound the tension even tighter.

If you like a breakneck story with lots of things going bump in the night, this is one for you.

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Book Bites – more to get your teeth into.

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