Perfect Couple by Jennifer Echols

Perfect CoupleJennifer Echols is one of my favourite YA authors when it comes to teen romance. She does it brilliantly and I have yet to be disappointed with one of her books!

After a tough week looking after a sick dog (he’s better now thank goodness!) I wanted a read that was guaranteed to lift my spirits and put a big smile on my face, so I bought the second book in Jennifer’s “The Superlatives” series – Perfect Couple. (Don’t ask me why I bought book two in a series, I guess that one just jumped out at me).

By “superlatives” the author means a specifically US high school custom of choosing couples in the senior year who their class mates think are most likely to succeed/fail/go to jail/end up together etc. I’m not sure how many UK high schools do yearbooks, but in America it’s pretty much all of them I think, and a section of photos showing these likely or unlikely pairings is a must.

In Perfect Couple, the heroine Harper has found to her surprise that she’s been voted as one half of “the Perfect Couple that Never Was”, ie her friends think she and American football quarterback Brody Larsen would be perfect together. Harper is a nerd and an aspiring photographic journalist who is always snapping photos of everyone and everything. She doesn’t think she’s anything like the girls Brody normally goes out with – pretty cheerleader types – and has no idea why anyone thought she and Brody should be a couple. They are total opposites, and yet once they hear about the vote they find themselves drawn to each other, wondering if others have seen something they didn’t.  But can a relationship between them really work?

This is not a taxing read and was exactly what I needed – relaxing, fun, flirty and with amazing chemistry between the two lead characters. In fact, I got so caught up in this series I immediately went and bought the next book, Most Likely to Succeed, as well.  I really like stories where the most unlikely heroine ends up with the guy everyone else wants – it’s always great to feel that you don’t have to be Miss Teen US or UK to snag the perfect boyfriend.

If you love high school romances with slightly badass heroes (or very badass in the case of Most Likely to Succeed) and heroines who have to fight the attraction, then this series is for you. I loved it!

Pia xx

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