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2015 is over and 2016 is here, but we haven’t really geared up to get back to real life after some nice, relaxed family time during the festive season. To bridge the gap between the old year and the new, we thought we’d have a look at the books the Paisley Piranhas loved most in 2015.

What you read, that you read

Katy Haye:

It’s a tough choice to pick a single book from the couple of dozen YA novels I read this year, so I’m going to cheat and have two. If you haven’t read Blackfin Sky (review here), you really should, it’s not really “like” anything else, it’s creative, refreshing and utterly wonderful. And then, I rarely read contemporary books but if they’re fabulous I’ll make an exception. Cat Clarke’s A Kiss in the Dark (review here) was a delight: messy, real and ultimately triumphant.

Claire Watts:

My favourite book of 2015 was Patrick Ness More Than This (though it was first published in 2013, I read it this year – find my review here). It was a fabulous revelation, one of those books you pick up and go ‘Yes! Here’s an author I love so much that I’ll now go out and get everything else they’ve written and when they write something new I’ll most likely get it in hardback’ (which is exactly what I did).

Pia Fenton:

Like Katy, I can’t choose between two. ‘Struck’ by Joss Stirling (review here by Gill-Marie Stewart) which won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award 2015, and ‘Darkmere’ by Helen Maslin (read my review here), which was a wonderful blend of Gothic, time slip and romance.

Gill-Marie Stewart:

My pick of 2015 is Sarra Manning’s ‘The Worst Girlfriend In The World’ (my review is here). This is a book I could easily read a second or even third time. The character development of heroine Franny B is subtle and utterly convincing. Franny’s friendship with Alice, the background of her family problems and her dreams and aspirations are all enthralling. And the various incidents in the night clubs are almost too realistic – as well as being hilarious. An excellent read and I’m looking forward to reading the next Sarra Manning YA.

We’re all looking forward to reading more fabulous YA books in 2016. If you love YA, keep reading our blog and remember that you can sign up to receive Book Bites – our monthly bulletin of YA news, author interviews, recommendations and giveaways.

And here’s a giveaway to start the year. Comment below to tell us your favourite read of 2015. One lucky reader will be picked at random to receive a signed paperback copy of their choice of book by one of the Paisley Piranhas.

Tell us your favourite read of 2015 to win one of these.

Tell us your favourite read of 2015 to win one of these.

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