Visions by Kimberly Readnour


Gifted or cursed? A yearning to be normal. And an unsolved murder refusing to be ignored. This is where the mysteries begin…VisionsNewCoverSherrysPick300

Review by Gill-Marie Stewart

I had mixed reactions to ‘Visions’. Some things about it were so good, and yet these were often overshadowed by the things I disliked.

The positives – I liked the idea of a girl having unwelcome/unexpected visions; the ‘Johnny’ plot was plausible and well-paced; some of the scenes were almost too realistically scary; I enjoyed Heather’s nervousness and then growing confidence; and

I quite liked Barry although at times he’s too good to be true. The final scene which made a link to the next book in the series also worked well.

Then there were the things I didn’t like so much – the writing style was rather heavy; the lack of development of key threads was annoying (e.g. the relationship between Heather and her mother just stayed the same for a very l

ong time); the prologue didn’t work for me, too long and it took ages for it to make sense. I also couldn’t quite get my head around why Heather was rejected in the first school/town but not in the new one? And, finally, the main plot was resolved quite early on in the book, so from about two-thirds of the way on it felt like we were drifting.

Obviously this is the beginning of a series. I presume some things will be resolved in future books, such as why Heather doesn’t get to meet Barry’s mother (which is flagged in quite a heavy-handed way). Overall, an interesting start.

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Gill-Marie writes YA mystery/romances as Gill-Marie Stewart. As Gilly Stewart she also writes women’s contemporary fiction. The first book in her YA series about George and Finn is Music and Lies (try out the first chapter here).

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