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So you’ve probably noticed a trend here – yes, I go and see a lot of ‘superhero’ type movies because in general, I really like them.  Not so much this one, I’m sorry to say, for many different reasons.

A quick summary of the plot of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice: Basically, people are starting to question Superman’s motives and whether someone so powerful really can be all good or if he poses a threat to humankind.  (They see him as a god although he isn’t, he’s just an alien from another planet). Batman decides Superman is too dangerous and needs to be defeated, so he sets out to do that, while in reality there is a much bigger threat to both of them in the form of arch-enemy Lex Luthor.  Somewhere along the line Wonder Woman joins the cast and plays a crucial role in trying to defeat evil.

So that should have been quite a good story, but although there were things to like about it, I didn’t enjoy it much.

First of all, the film is very dark.  That is usually the case with Batman movies (not so much Superman) but in this case it was relentless.  No humour, no fun, nothing to make you really care about the characters.  Where Marvel Comics have managed to combine dark and dangerous evil stalking the earth with excitement and great dialogue in their movies, plus unbelievable chemistry between their characters, this DC Comics film (a different franchise) has none of that.  And as someone else commented to me, it’s quite long and nothing much happens until the very end.  The build-up is slow, sometimes confusing and unclear.

What it does have is a great new Batman – I loved Ben Affleck’s take on him and he definitely looked the part: big, brooding, powerful and dangerous.  And Superman is well played by Henry Cavill, just as he was in the first film that featured him.  The two of them together could be brilliant, but they weren’t given any dialogue to make them bond and for most of the film they are kept apart, their stories separate.  The only one who had any great one-liners was Jeremy Irons, who plays Batman’s butler Alfred.  And there was a little bit of chemistry between Batman and Wonder Woman, which will (hopefully) be the start of more (yes, I’m an incurable romantic).

I won’t give away any spoilers, but I was also deeply disappointed by the ending, although I’m sure what happens there can and will be resolved in a future film.  Will I go and see it though?  The jury’s out on that one.

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Pia Fenton writes contemporary romantic YA stories and her Northbrooke High series features UK heroines clashing with US heroes in an American high school setting.  The latest one is New England TLC.

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