Ashlynns’ Dreams by Julie C Gilbert

Blurb from Goodreads:

Before she was kidnapped, Jillian Marie Antel Blairington was just an average bright, brave, headstrong child. She was excited for life in a new house with her Momma and new Daddy. Afterward, she’s all that … and so much more.

Held in a scientific facility, Jillian discovers her past-a family she never knew and a power she doesn’t understand. With her ability now activated, she can enter and even shape a person’s dreams. Jillian’s been kidnapped, and her Gift has been triggered, so she can locate and save Benjamin Connelly, a brother she never even knew she had. She’d better master this strange ability quickly, though, because her life isn’t the only one at stake. Her babysitter, Danielle Matheson, is being held as a hostage to ensure Jillian’s full cooperation. Slowly, Jillian begins to learn more about her captor and the other genetically altered children held at the facility.

Join Jillian as she tries to survive the training being forced upon her, find her unknown brother, escape with Danielle, and work her way back to a normal life once more.

Cover of Julie C Gilbert's Ashlynn's Dreams

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Review by Katy Haye:

I liked this story. The concept was good: not that unique, but well-handled. I really loved Jillian/Ashlynn’s voice. It was very easy to spend time with her.

I wasn’t quite so sure about the format. It’s all reported, in journals and reports, etc, which lessened the tension for me – I knew it was all going to work out for these characters, because here they were telling me about what had happened to them. It also meant that the reader was told everything, which kept me a little bit distant from the action. I was told what happened, but I didn’t feel it along with the characters, which I would have liked to do.

Overall, it’s a low 4 for me: good story, but I’d have preferred the execution to be more compelling.

piranha stars turquoise 4

I received a copy of Ashlynn’s Dreams from the author in exchange for a review.

Katy Haye writes fast-paced fantasy for YA readers. Check out The Last Gatekeeper and The Last Dreamseer.

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