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The Paisley Piranhas are delighted to join the blog tour for Bryony Pearce’s Windrunner’s Daughter. Read on for our review!

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Blurb from Goodreads:

A sabotaged colonization attempt leaves the last humans in the universe stranded on Mars. Braving a half-terraformed atmosphere, terrifying indigenous species, and a colony government that is openly hostile, a young girl named Wren must defy tradition to save her mother and perhaps, every human left.

It is forbidden for women to steal the wings that allow a select group of runners to carry messages and goods between colonies. It is forbidden to cross the wastes with a sand storm on the horizon and it is certainly forbidden to share the secrets of the windrunners with those who spend their entire lives in the biospheres.

But what choice does she have?

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Review by Katy Haye:

I’ll confess, this started a little bit slowly for my taste (I like to be dragged through a book and deposited, breathless, at the end), but stick with it. The speed was a factor of the complexity of the world we’re introduced to – an entire planet with society similar but not quite the same as our own.

And once the action starts – oh my!

The flying sequences were fabulous, real pulse-raising stuff. And I loved how the characters of Wren and Raw progressed during their tumultuous journey. The plotting was excellent, all tied together so that everything had to work out as it did.

The sexist definition of which roles could be undertaken by men and women, and the adherence to religion were an excellent source of conflict – although I had to suspend disbelief that they were so integral to life (surely a space colony would contain the brightest, most open minds… or maybe I’m just optimistic like that). I wasn’t entirely convinced by the introduction of Orel. We were told he was attractive, but I didn’t feel that to be the case – and certainly not enough to overcome his being arrogant and untrustworthy. I liked Raw so much more – clearly no oil painting, but he was gorgeous!

And I loved the ending. Wren’s relationship with her father was truly touching, and I loved the changes promised for the future. I’m guessing there’ll be more – and I hope there are!

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Katy Haye writes fast-paced fantasy for YA readers. Her latest release, Rising Tides, is available now.

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