Piranhas at YALC – Day 3

photo(10)The final day at YALC was a whirlwind of Harry Potter madness – with the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at midnight the night before, there were hoards of fans running around in HP-themed costumes and joining in the fun, including a Harry Potter party in the afternoon which was a huge success.  The PP’s grabbed their copy of the new book before everyone arrived and are looking forward to reading it!

Pia and Maggie Stiefvater

Pia and Maggie Stiefvater

New York Times bestseller Maggie Stiefvater took to the stage before that and gave a great talk which had the audience laughing and cheering.  Piranha Pia had a fangirl moment with her during the subsequent book signing and Ms Stiefvater was extremely charming and chatted to each and every one of her fans even though she must have been exhausted after finally coming to the end of the three hour queue!

Pia, D S Murphy and Katy

Pia, D S Murphy and Katy

The Piranhas also had the pleasure of meeting fellow author and FB friend Derek (D S Murphy) who was visiting the UK and it was great to have a chat in person.  We also enjoyed talking to all the readers who stopped by our stall – it’s always good to hear what they’re looking for next.

Meanwhile, the parade of costumes from attendees at the London Film & Comic Con continued and there’s a selection of photos below of some of our favourite ones.  The zombies were trying to take over down there on the ground floor, but luckily I believe the superheroes saved the day!

All in all, a wonderful three days so thank you very much to the YALC organisers who were superb and thank you also to our lovely stall neighbours, Casey and Mark, for the company!

The zombies are taking over ...

The zombies are taking over …

... but the superheroes save the day!

… but the superheroes save the day!


Pia couldn't go to LFCC without indulging her Thor obsession just a little bit

Pia couldn’t go to LFCC without indulging her Thor obsession just a little bit



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