Review: Crimson Sky by Amy Braun

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Too implausible for me…

Goodreads description:

They’re always watching. They’re always waiting. They’re always starving…

Ten years ago, the sky shattered and the Hellions emerged. No one was able to keep them from destroying the city of Westraven. Now that the bloodthirsty monsters rule the skies and have forced the few remaining humans underground, Claire Abernathy lives in a nightmare. She survives by using her skills as an engineer for a ruthless tyrant connected to her mother and father’s past failure.

Then Claire’s world is torn apart when her sister Abby is kidnapped by the Hellions, and Claire herself is taken by dangerous sky pirates known as marauders. But Claire will not be intimidated by them while her sister’s life hangs by a thread, and so she strikes a deal with them: If they help rescue Abby, she will fix their ship and give them the chance to take the revenge they desperately seek.

As Claire fights for her sister’s life, she begins to realize that the Hellions are not the only dangers she’ll face. Burdensome secrets and devastating betrayals threaten her at every turn, and if she loses herself to them, it won’t just be her life that is destroyed…

Cover of Amy Braun's Crimson Sky

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Review by Katy Haye:

Well, you can see from the Piranhas that I didn’t much like this one. And I hate not liking a book because I know how much work goes into them. So, I’ll try to be fair and give a balanced report so you can make your mind up as to whether it’s for you.

What I liked:

The relationships were lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed the depiction of the bond between Claire and Abby. And I loved the relationship between Claire and Sawyer. Watching them getting to know each other was fabulous – that delicate balance of intellect versus feeling in evaluating someone who may one day become important.

So that was great. I also loved the intriguing subplot about Sawyer and his father and what had happened there.

What I didn’t like:

It was overwritten in places, which slowed the pace. Claire was often emotionally overwrought: “I fell into a trance of despair” – well, you won’t be much use in this critical, dangerous situation, will you?! When she got over this, she started acting impetuously without thinking through what she was doing which had me rolling my eyes excessively. There was a lot of telling rather than showing, which again made the writing rather clunky.

And at the end in particular there were holes in the plot so large I was in danger of falling through and plunging to my death (the final third was set on an airship). Sawyer acted illogically – risking all of them to save someone, then arguing that the person they’ve just saved should be left behind for their enemies to find (and kill horribly), and the ending was far too convenient – the tough and indestructible Hellions jumped off the crashing ship and ran away rather than attacking the humans when they were weakest? What on Earth would they do that for?

A final niggle was the formatting which had BIG gaps between the paragraphs. I didn’t know until I checked it out, but this is apparently called block formatting and it’s a big no-no for novels – probably because it’s irritating as heck.

So, this didn’t suit me, but if you’ve read my dislikes above and they don’t worry you, then go for it!

Katy Haye writes fast-paced fantasy for YA readers. Check out The Last Gatekeeper (it’s FREE!) and Rising Tides.

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