Celebrate Read a Book Day

Well, in my house every day is Read-a-Book-Day, but whoever it is who decides these things has designated Tuesday 6th September 2016 as especial Read a Book Day.

That’s a good enough cause for celebration, imo, and let’s face it, if you’re reading a blog all about YA books I’m tolerably sure you’re not going to disagree, so grab a paperback or your kindle and a cup of tea and curl up on the sofa for an hour.

What you read, that you read

But in this world of constant distractions, you may have friends who don’t understand why it’s good to find the time to read. So, here are just a few reasons why reading is important:

1. Reading de-stresses you.

You may think you already know that reading is a great way to relax and de-stress. You’ll be delighted to hear that scientists have done a study to test your anecdotal experience. A study in 2009 found that reading can reduce stress levels by 68%, and it works better than other relaxation methods such as listening to music or drinking a cup of tea (maybe reading a book with a cup of tea and some music in the background would reduce stress down to zero… Worth a try, I should have said!)

Intrigued? Find out more about the study.

2. Reading makes you more empathetic.

Ever read a book and found your heart racing as the protagonist runs from a threat? Teared up at an emotional on-page break up? Well, what’s causing that is mirror neurons. You aren’t just a passive witness when you read, you feel a little of what the characters feel. And it’s not “just” a feeling – the areas of the brain that process threat or grief are activated when you read the above scenarios.

Now, if that doesn’t demonstrate that books are magic I’m not sure what will.

Want to know more? Read all about it.

3. If you read you’ll have a better life.

You might think reading’s for fun (and it is!) but it can have a serious impact on your future. Those good old social scientists have been at it again, showing that children with stronger reading skills ended up with, “higher income, better housing and better jobs in adulthood.”

So, when you’re sitting reading Harry Potter or Marissa Meyer you’re not just passing an enjoyable half hour, you’re setting down a strong foundation for the future (and really shouldn’t be disturbed!).

Think I’m making it up? Check it out.

Phew, well, you don’t have to twist my arm. If anyone wants me, I’ll be reading (with a cup of tea – and maybe a choc brazil if I can find one).

Portable magic KH

When not reading, Katy Haye writes fast-paced fantasy for YA readers. Check out The Last Gatekeeper (it’s FREE!) and Rising Tides.

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