My Top 10: Special Snowflakes

I love a good “special snowflake” story (if you haven’t come across the term before, it means the hero or heroine who is the only one who can… Save the world/Find the treasure/Bring peace/Wield the magical sword/Defeat the bloodthirsty enemy).

I have heard claims that the special snowflake trope is going out of fashion. Well, that’s never going to happen on my bookshelves, and just to prove it, here are my top 10 special snowflake stories.

Ruby from The Rain and The Storm (Virginia Bergin)

Virginia Bergin's The Rain and the Storm, captioned with: 'Think your weather's bad? At least the rain's not deadly'.

I love Ruby. Okay, so she’s not literally the sole survivor of The Rain’s apocalyptic downpour, but she’s definitely special – and you’ll find out how come when you reach The Storm.

Lissa from Linked and Unravel (Imogen Howson)

Cover of Imogen Howson's Linked

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I guess this is a double-snowflake because it’s really Lissa and Lin -twins who discover extraordinary abilities in this fantastic sci-fi duology that should be on everyone’s shelves.

Oh, and if the idea of psychic twins on the run from a corrupt government isn’t enough for you, there’s also Caden, who’s a rather delectable hero, imo.

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Jem from the Numbers trilogy (Rachel Ward)

This was such an intriguing premise – when Jem looks at someone she sees a row of numbers – the date that person will die. That’s enough to put a crimp on anyone’s life, frankly.

With that premise there was no way I wasn’t going to read Numbers. It was a real treat with fabulous characters and a hectic pace.

And that last paragraph … shivers.

Cover of Kim Curran's Shift

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Scott from Shift, Control, Delete (Kim Curran)

I love these books so much! Scott is, in fact, only one of a bunch of special snowflakes – teens who can change reality by undoing decisions and starting over. This trilogy is creative, fast-moving and the denouement is a real stunner!

I had to wait a year for the final book in the trilogy as Strange Chemistry stopped publishing about a week before Delete was due on the shelves – and it was even worth the wait!

Romy from The Retreat (Kelly St Clare)

The cover of Kelly St Clare's The RetreatThis sci-fi stunner is a brilliant take on post-apocalyptic Earth stories. Romy and her friends are genetically modified soldiers tasked with keeping the Earth save from alien invasion.

Except, of course, how come the Earth is facing alien invasion and what’s really going on isn’t nearly that straightforward (because alien invasion is totally straightforward, get with the programme!), and it makes for a breath-taking read.

Cover of Steven Gould's Jumper

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Davy from Jumper (Steven Gould)

I’ve raved about Jumper before, but this is another book that should be on any sci-fi reader’s shelf. Davy has the ability to ‘jump’ – transporting himself anywhere in the world in a moment. Jumper is a smashing exploration of the “matter transporter” trope, and Davy is a gorgeous, scarred hero.

The cover of Megan Crewe's A Mortal Song

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Sora from A Mortal Song (Megan Crewe)

I really loved A Mortal Song exactly because (I hope I’m not giving too much away), Sora was raised believing herself to be unique, only to discover that she’s not. But how come she isn’t really a special snowflake, and what she achieves despite that makes for an utterly delightful read.

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 Alina from Shadow and Bone (Leigh Bardugo)

You might not have heard of many books on my list (although you really should have since they’re all fab), but I bet you’ve heard of Leigh Bardugo and her Shadow and Bone trilogy. And deservedly so. It’s a sumptuous read in a brilliantly-imagined alternate C19 Europe. Alina is a wonderful, flawed heroine who has one heck of an arc to travel during the three books. I cried. Buckets.

The cover of YA novel Blackfin Sky

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Sky from Blackfin Sky (Kat Ellis)

This is one of few books I’ve found out of the blue from a twitter recommendation, but I was SO pleased I picked it up. It’s such an intriguing story. We’re introduced to Sky as she runs into school fearing she’s going to be late. Yeah, she’s late all right – but not in that sense. Her friends and family are all astounded to see her, since Sky’s been dead for the past six months. How come she appears to have cheated death makes for fascinating reading.

Zan from The Last Gatekeeper (me!)

Cover of Katy Haye's The Last Gatekeeper

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I couldn’t let this pass without mentioning my own, very first special snowflake to spring from my very own imagination. In The Last Gatekeeper, Zan knows she’s different from other girls her age. She thinks she knows why, but she’s well wide of the mark…

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