Cover Reveal: Discord by Katy Haye

Get our your vuvuzelas and your party poppers, it’s time to celebrate a new novel by a Paisley Piranha!

Katy Haye will be launching Discord, the first in her Echoes of Earth trilogy on December 8th. Hot off the press, here is the cover. Isn’t it a beauty?

The cover of Katy Haye's Discord

With thanks to Milo of Deranged Doctor Designs

Beth forgot her past. What if there’s nothing to remember?

Seventeen-year-old Beth has brain damage. That’s why she lives in a hospital in the middle of the English countryside filled with therapeutic music and medical tests. Some days she feels well enough to go home, but other days – the days filled with shadows and ghosts, and a strong sense of déjà vu – she fears she’ll never get better.

Toby’s arrival signals a turning point. Beth faces her fears instead of hiding from them. But even with Toby’s help, is she strong enough to face a truth that is stranger than anything Beth could imagine?


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