I’m delighted and excited and just a little nervous to announce that the final book in the George-and-Finn trilogy, No More Lies, is published today! It was lovely to round off the story of George and Finn, but also a little sad to think I’ll be leaving them behind. Although I might just be drawn back to their world to tell Cami’s story at some future date …



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The hard work of writing the book is over. Now the hard work of selling it begins. To encourage anyone who hasn’t yet tried the first in the series, Music and Lies is free to download on Kindle for 3 days from today (3rd November 2016).

I have to say I don’t find self-promotion easy but I’m gradually learning my way around it. It’s great being in touch with other writers and I’m lucky enough to be doing a couple of guest blogs. Many thanks to Karen King,who is hosting me on her lovely blog at on Friday 4th November and to Wendy Clarke for hosting me on Wendy’s Writing Now blog on Sunday 13th November.

It’s also great being part of Paisley Piranhas because it means we can do some of the promo together. We all write Young Adult novels, we all read and review Young Adult books – so we can also all promote them. In December we’re having a real, live launch party in the beautiful old Augustine Church in the middle of Edinburgh. 4pm on Sunday 11th December. Put it in your diary!

Soon we’ll be letting people know we’ll be there, agreeing a running order – and sorting out the most important thing after the books … the food! Ideally the food should suit the theme of our books and on this occasion that’s been no problem at all. Fellow Paisley Piranha Claire Watts’ new book is called Gingerbread and Cupcake and is based around a café of that name. You can guess what kind of baking she is bringing along! My book, No More Lies, is set in December. Lots of Christmas preparations are going on (as well as lots of snow storms, stray dogs, family problems …) so I’ll be bringing along mince pies. Pia Fenton’s New England Dreams features a brilliant school cake sale – cue more cupcakes J. And Katy Haye definitely has a chocolate thing going, as she has Mars Bars and Green and Blacks in The Last Gatekeeper.

So, actually, maybe this promotion thing isn’t quite so difficult. It’s great to know my books are out there and I’m looking forward to seeing all my fellow Piranhas in December. And I’m confident, of course, that we’ll sell lots of books :).

NO MORE LIES_FRONT_150dpi copyBLURB: No More Lies by Gill-Marie Stewart

Time to tell the truth?

Finn is not happy when dippy Aunt Lulu drags him off to spend Christmas on a community farm in the Scottish Highlands. Things look up when his girlfriend George joins them, though. Finn needs to start making some decisions about his life, but when abandoned dogs turn up on the doorstep, and Aunt Lulu starts revealing uncomfortable truths, it all gets a bit overwhelming …

George can’t sort out what is going on with her and Finn, so she concentrates on getting to the bottom of the mystery dogs. Impulsive and unpredictable as always, her actions lead her and Finn into danger once again.

No more lies: it’s time for George and Finn to tell the truth about their feelings and move forward. But will that be together or apart?

Gill-Marie writes YA mystery/romances as Gill-Marie Stewart. As Gilly Stewart she also writes women’s contemporary fiction. The first book in her YA series about George and Finn is Music and Lies (try out the first chapter here).

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