Review: That Moment When (anthology)

A stellar collection

A stellar collection!

About the Book:

Love YA paranormal, urban fantasy, science fiction and dystopian books?

We’ve gathered a handful of thrilling stories from all of your favorite genres and put them together into an epic anthology of young adult fiction. Some of them are just the beginning of a unique adventure, while others are complete stories that will spark your imagination.

That Moment When
Have you ever reached a moment in your life when everything changed? A crossroads of sorts… a point of no return. An event or realization so enormous you knew it would impact you forever in ways you couldn’t begin to understand? Discoveries so momentous they changed everything you thought you knew about the world, and yourself?

That Moment When is filled with exactly these kinds of moments.

Click to get your copy

Click to get your copy

Review by Katy Haye:

Disclaimer: I’m involved in this anthology. I’m not going to review my own story, but if you believe that invalidates my review of other stories it contains, stop reading now!

Delighted you’re still with me! The stories I picked to review are:

Learning to Fly by Laura Diamond
I was so pleased to find and love this! I’ve read two books by Laura and didn’t love them as much as I thought I would. That has niggled like a loose tooth because I feel like I should have adored them, but clearly I just needed to meet her in the right genre.

Learning to Fly is gorgeous – brilliant world-building, and the relationships between the characters were vivid from only a few words. This gave me a brief insight into a world I want to see more of!

Push by Leia Stone
Push had a fantastic sci-fi/paranormal concept – imaginative and engaging. Once again I loved the relationships between the characters, and there was a lot of emotion packed into just a few thousand words.

My only complaint was that I did find the ending a bit too abrupt – or maybe that was just a sign of how immersed I’d become so it was hard to leave!

Underbelly Circus by Hilary Thompson

Wow, this had more twists than a snake with stomach cramps. I loved it – each time I thought I knew what was what it shifted again.

An absolute delight!

The Wrath of the Fury by Michelle Madow

I’ve already dipped my toe in the Elementals world and I loved it, so I dived straight in to this one. The Wrath of the Fury was fast-paced, dramatic and hugely imaginative. I’m going to have to get on with the rest of the series now!

Oh, and did I forget to mention? The whole anthology is available right now for FREE. At that price you really can’t go wrong – grab your copy now!

Katy Haye writes fast-paced fantasy for YA readers. She has a story, Wishful, available in the That Moment When anthology, available now for FREE.

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