How fast do you read?

Click to find out more.

Click to find out more.

Are you a fast reader? Do you gobble up a book in a couple of days?

Whether you’re a fast or slow reader, this KU challenge could be ideal for you.

Your challenge is to read any or all of these 10 YA dystopian books (including Piranha Katy Haye’s Rising Tides) which are all available with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited programme in a month. For each book you read between now and March 6th you can enter a quiz (3 questions about the book) to win a weekly prize of a $10 Amazon giftcard. If you read all 10 books you can also enter to win a $50 Amazon giftcard (and there’ll be a lot less competition for that!).

If you’re not already a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, or you’re not sure whether you want one, you can sign up for a trial subscription which gives you a month free. So you can read all these books for nothing and then decide whether you think a KU subscription will suit you! (Do remember to cancel if you decide you don’t want to continue, however).

Click for the details and then … get reading!

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