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“I didn’t enjoy the recent Batman film much, and I’m afraid to say this film was only marginally better.”

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SUICIDE SQUAD – A secret government agency recruits some of the most dangerous criminals and super-villains already in jail in order to form a sort of defence against evil superheroes and aliens.  Their first task is to fight an evil witch/goddess and her equally horrid brother.

This film is a sequel to the recent Batman vs Superman film, in which Superman apparently dies (see my review here).  It’s also very obviously a prequel to the next Batman film, which I’m assuming will star the Joker as the villain, since he is (re)introduced in Suicide Squad.  Jared Leto is suitably freaky in this role – in fact, a bit too freaky for me, and I found it hard to take him seriously.  He wasn’t so much evil as just plain weird.

I didn’t enjoy the Batman film much, and I’m afraid to say this film was only marginally better.  There was a lot more action, which is good, and although it takes a while for it all to make sense, it’s fairly straight-forward – bad guys are forced to fight even worse ones and only by sticking together as a group can they hope to triumph.

The thing about this movie that grates the most, however, is looking at it from a feminine perspective.  I know it’s based on the DC Comics, which featured predominantly male superheroes and villains, but even so you’d think the filmmakers could come up with a few more roles for women that didn’t portray them as either evil, unhinged or sex objects?  There are four women in this film with reasonably sized roles (or five if you count a little girl who is the daughter of one of the villains) – the badass federal agent who puts together the team by forcing them to work for her (she implants a small bomb in each of the villains’ necks so that if they fail to do what she asks, she can just blow them up – nice, huh?!), Harley Quinn (played by Margot Robbie) the Joker’s girlfriend and sidekick, Katana (who is a crazy Japanese sword expert who talks to her sword!), and a sort of witch/goddess played by supermodel Cara Delevigne. Cara was obviously chosen for the role just so she could be dressed scantily in suitable goddess attire.

Her outfits are nothing compared to Harley Quinn’s though – she is pure male fantasy right the way through the movie.  Dressed in micro shorts that show half her bum, a tightfitting tshirt that says ‘Property of the Joker’ on the back (seriously? Like she’s owned by him and not her own person?), fishnet tights and with her hair in schoolgirl bunches, she struts around showing off her legs/body and bashing evil things on the head with a baseball bat.  Her act just screamed eye candy/sex object, and when she started chewing bubblegum and blowing pink bubbles like a little girl, I wanted to throw something at the screen, quite frankly.  I mean, what message does this convey?  And as for fighting in stiletto heal sneakers … gah!

I won’t go on, but I think you’ve gathered by now that I wasn’t very impressed with this film. All I can say is they must have paid Will Smith an awful lot of money to appear in it, and ditto Ben Affleck!  Jared Leto probably just did it because he likes weird, complicated roles that allow him to disguise his normally perfect features so he can prove that he really can act and isn’t just a pretty face.  I really wish he wouldn’t!

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