Review: First Command by Alex Lidell

About the book:

Master and Commander meets Tamora Pierce in a seafaring adventure of duty, love, magic, and a princess’s quest to protect her kingdom on her own terms.

Born to privilege, called to service, trained for command, seventeen-year-old Lieutenant Nile Greysik finally gets the chance to prove herself a leader. As she takes charge of a captured enemy ship, her orders will take her through hostile waters and stormy seas with a hold full of prisoners, a skeptical crew, and a handsome first mate whose every move undermines her confidence.

To navigate to safe harbor, Nile must earn the crew’s trust . . . but first she must dare to trust herself.

Cover of Alex Lidell's First Command

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Review by Katy Haye:

First Command is an assured, well-written novella that sucked me straight into a world I’d be happy to spend a lot more time in (and it looks, I’m pleased to say, like there is more to come). The writing was excellent, effortless to read and well-paced with plenty of twist and turns. I found my heartrate picking up as I sped through the pages.

I really liked Nile’s character, and was convinced by the dilemmas she found herself in. I was rooting for some things to happen – and for her to avoid others! The plotting was smashing – I knew something wasn’t as it should be, but I was still taken by surprise by the excellent twist.

I can’t wait for more from Alex Lidell!

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