Review: Xoe by Sara C Roethle

About the book:

Xoe Meyers had a normal life. So she was stuck going to high school, and she only had a few friends to call her own. She liked her normal life. Things were about to change though, because there’s a new guy in her small town, and he is anything but normal. Before Xoe can say, “Werewolf,” her best friend’s life is in peril, and Xoe’s world is turned upside-down. Then, of course, there’s Jason. Xoe doesn’t trust him as far as she can throw him, and given that he’s a vampire, she’d have to be able to catch him first.

Cover of Xoe by Sara C Roethle

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Review by Katy Haye:

This was a book of two halves. I needed an “X” book for my alphabet challenge, and they aren’t terribly thick on the ground, so I went into it with low expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. Xoe has a refreshing, sassy voice, the US High School setting was fascinating (they’re rare and exotic places to me as a Brit), and I simply loved her relationships with her friends, Lucy and Alison. The supernatural elements were well-paced and intriguing.

But then the boys entered. Xoe’s response to Dan was so refreshing and spot on that I wanted to cheer – but then Jason appeared and she, frankly, turned a bit wet. Too much angsting for me, and the narrative grew a bit vague. I wasn’t convinced that she truly felt anything for Jason, her descriptions of her feelings and especially of their kiss seemed a bit clichéd and generic. Which was a great shame because there was loads of promise with the supernatural elements.

But if you like paranormal stories and you don’t mind a boilerplate romance, this is absolutely the book for you!

Katy Haye is reading (and reviewing) her way through the alphabet. Check back next week to see what she finds starting with “Y”.

When not reading, Katy writes speculative YA fiction. Rising Tides has just been shortlisted for the 2017 RONE Awards.

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