Review: The Perilous In-between by Cortney Pearson

About the book:

Even the sky has secrets.

Victoria Digby’s life in Chuzzlewit is picturesque. Ideal. Born to a good family, she’s also the star pilot in the Aviatory’s Protection Program, one of twelve young ladies assigned to protect their town from the Kreak—a deadly, mechanical creature residing in the nearby ocean.

Enter Graham Birkley, a peculiar boy claiming to be from a strange place Victoria has never heard of. Graham enlists her help looking for a lost friend, a man no one in town has ever heard of either. The more she gets to know Graham, the more she not only loses her heart, but also all sense of security about the life she thought she loved. Graham knows secrets about people, things he couldn’t possibly know, including a secret about Victoria that she has yet to uncover.

Mostly, Graham knows what the sky is hiding. And when he tells her the truth, getting rid of the Kreak is no longer Victoria’s biggest problem.

Getting out of Chuzzlewit is.

Review by Katy Haye:

Frankly, I knew I was going to love this book from the first scene where the heroine and her friends were described as wearing “battle corsets”. The Perilous In-between was a glorious romp in a steampunk, fantastical Victorian world.

The Perilous In-between had everything I loved: courageous pilots (who happen to be kick-ass young women), a stuffy lord anti-love-interest (if there is such a thing – I’m sure you know what I mean), thwarted love renewed (the subplot with Oscar and Rosalind was simply gorgeous), a demonic device rising from the seas, an inescapable town, lots of intrigue and a fabulous dollop of romance.

The characters were gorgeous, real and multi-dimensional and I was rooting for them all. And while I’d be a bit cautious about getting stuck there, I would definitely enjoy a trip to Chuzzlewit for a holiday.

If you like steampunk you’re going to love this one – and if you’ve never tried steampunk before, this would be a great place to start.

Highly recommended!

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