Review: Richard’s Story by Rebecca Rode

About the book:

What Rich wanted was a soccer scholarship and a girlfriend. What he got was an apocalypse.

The story of a teen who battles for love and survival in a dying world, then founds a nation from the ashes.

A prequel to the Numbers Game series.

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Review by Katy Haye:

I only glanced at this story, thinking I’d have a quick look and discount it as not for me. I rarely read books with a male POV, and I really don’t like sport, so a book about a boy who’s mad keen on football (soccer) wasn’t going to be my thing, was it? Maybe I could pass it along to Piranha Gill-Marie who loves footie…

Blimey, I shouldn’t have written this one off so quickly! I was gripped by the end of the first page. It is about a boy, Rich, but it’s not “about” football at all. Rich is a rather fabulous, perfectly ordinary teen whose plans for life are destroyed by a terrorist apocalypse. His narration was spare and emotional, heartbreaking and terrifying in places (especially given how the world is right now). The progression from normality to chaos and desperation was disturbingly realistic.

I was utterly gripped. I’ll definitely be reading more in this series because I need to know what happens to these people.

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