COVER REVEAL! Punch by Barbara Henderson

We’re delighted to reveal the cover of Barbara Henderson’s book ‘Punch’, her second with Cranachan Publishing. Isn’t it fab? The book will be out 23rd October 2017.



Smoke belches out through the market entrance.

And me?

I turn and run.

When 12 year-old Phineas is accused of a terrible crime, his only option is to flee. In the unlikely company of an escaped prisoner and a group of travelling entertainers, he enters a new world of Punch and Judy shows and dancing bears. But will Phineas clear his name? And what can he do when memories of a darker, more terrible crime begin to haunt him?

The Author says:

When Anne Glennie, Director of Cranachan Publishing, said that this time, the cover needed a proper illustrator, I was really excited. I had been so happy with the much commented-on, striking cover of Fir for Luck my previous novel, which had been designed in-house. A collaboration with a real life illustrator felt like a step up again. I went crazy on Pinterest, gathering all sorts of bits and pieces which may come in handy. Working for a very small publisher comes into its own here – I was properly consulted on every aspect of the process. The whole thing felt like a real team effort.

Unlike the title strapline, the illustrator was very much in the right place at the right time. Anne had sent a range of mock-up ideas for the cover through to me, and my niece from Germany happened to be staying with me at the time. She is a graphic designer and also about to graduate from an Art and Illustration degree, so I showed her. She doodled for half an hour, just so that we could send some drawings to any potential illustrator and say: something along these lines please.

Anne’s reply was ‘Let’s hire her to do it’!

I absolutely love the final result! The boy running from the fire, the stripes, the circus writing and the bear and puppet bring so many aspects of the story together without looking overcrowded, and I am a particular fan of the title on the pinned up cloth, reflecting the make-do mentality of Victorian travelling entertainers pinning up banners wherever they went. And if you saw a row of these on a shelf across a bookshop, they would surely attract your attention, right?

Barbara Henderson, Author

Taken with Lumia Selfie

Barbara and her niece Corinna

The Publisher says:

When it came to the cover for Punch, we knew we wanted an exciting circus-feel to it, incorporating red and white stripes to attract the eye, and elements from the story, including a bear, a dog – and of course, our main character Phin. But there was a problem – we’d also need our other ‘main character’: Punch! The title of the story would not make any sense without our puppet protagonist. I mocked up a few cover ideas, incorporating the elements, and used Victorian scraps against our stripey background – so it was modern, but historical at the same time. However, it soon became clear, that if we didn’t want it to look like a scrapbook – we were going to need a professional illustrator… We began the process of going back and forward with Corinna, to achieve the look we were after. The bear’s too scary… Punch is too scary… It’s a fine line between hinting at the dark themes that run through the book, and scaring off potential customers… Luckily, Corinna was so patient with us and we are delighted with the beautiful final illustration. Corinna’s wonderfully detailed story-book style drawings are perfect – I fell in love with the bear at first sight. For a small publisher, hiring an illustrator is a big investment, but both the book and Barbara totally deserve it.

Anne Glennie of Cranachan Publishing

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