Review: The Pirate Episode by Kristy Tate

About the book:

Cambria Brant, a senior at Norfolk High, juggles homework assignments, tennis practice, and her overprotective mother, all while struggling to conceal her crush on Dr Fleur, her biology teacher. But one sip of witching well water makes all her concerns disappear.

Flung into the intrigues of the American Revolutionary War, Cami discovers a haven on Ile du Ciel, the private island of the pirate Captain Phillip La Fleur. Distress and suspicion soon blossom into romance, luring Cami to a life of ease she could never have imagined. But when Dr Fleur comes in search of her, Cami finds herself torn between two men, two centuries and two very different futures.

From a modern day New England high school to the Caribbean Islands, The Pirate Episode is a romantic adventure that proves love knows no time.

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Review by Katy Haye:

This was gorgeous. The Pirate Episode was peopled with such vivid characters I was rooting for them all to get their happy endings.

The sense of place was beautifully described. It’s been a funny old summer here in the UK, and after the recent rain it was glorious to feel the Caribbean sun beating down from a boundless blue sky to warm my bones.

The magical elements were well-written and convincing, and there was an excellent thread of humour lightening the whole. The dialogue between Cami and Dr Fleur in particular was a real treat.

I do have a small niggle: the ending felt slightly rushed. I wanted to luxuriate in the reunion of our hero and heroine and instead they met, and then that was it, when I wanted to spend more time with them both.

But that’s being very picky. Overall, The Pirate Episode was a fun, vivid read with a lovely undercurrent of emotional depth.

The Pirate Episode is available exclusively in Shattered Worlds, 20+ YA stories in one volume.

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