Take Two Review: The Law of Tall Girls by Joanne Macgregor

The Law of Tall Girls is gorgeous and I can’t wait for Joanne Macgregor’s next.”

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When you really stand out, can you ever fit in?

Seventeen-year-old Peyton Lane is a tall girl. So tall, it’s the only thing most people notice about her.

On impulse, she accepts a bet to prove she can be as attractive and desirable as other girls. Now she just needs to go on four dates (including the prom) with one of the guys on her very short list of very tall boys.

Number one on the list is Jay Young – the new guy that Peyton already likes way more than she should. Because not only is Jay already taken, he’s also breaking her Law of Tall Girls, and he’s determined to discover the awful secret she’s been hiding for most of her life.

Review by Katy Haye:

I fell in love with Joanne Macgregor’s Recoil series, because most of what I read is speculative fiction. The Recoil trilogy is great, but her contemporary stories are utterly fabulous.

Peyton was a wonderful heroine, tall and smart and insecure. Now, I read a LOT, and I write fiction, so I can often predict how books are going to go. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I really liked how Joanne gave me what I needed to love the story without resorting to cliches. Everything was new and fresh and entertaining.

I nearly got impatient with Peyton at one point, agreeing with Chloe that she should give her mum a break, but there were enough hints for me to know there would be good reasons behind her behaviour and, oh my were there! I was reading at work and I had to stop so I wouldn’t cry at customers!

The Law of Tall Girls is gorgeous and I can’t wait for Joanne Macgregor’s next.

Review by Pia Fenton:

I have to agree with Katy, The Law of Tall Girls is a wonderful book!  I loved Peyton – so strong and yet so insecure at the same time – and I loved the hero, Jay, too.  Together there was so much chemistry between them, it definitely sizzled.

Peyton has had a really tough life and the reader is immediately on her side, even before we find out what her big secret is.  She works shifts at a diner and her two co-workers are horrible to her, so much so that I wanted them to suffer some dreadful misfortune to take them down a peg or two. But they’re not the only ones – poor Peyton gets more than her fair share of snide and stupid comments on account of her being so tall, and I so wanted her to stand up to the bullies and give them what for.

I did have a small niggle – I felt that Peyton’s father should have been made aware of her situation at some point during the story so that he could take some responsibility for what had happened and perhaps make amends.  Instead, he’s off living his dream life with someone else, and that didn’t feel right.  But other than that, I loved the ending and was left with a huge smile on my face as I finished reading.

Like Katy, I can’t wait for Joanne’s next story!



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