New Book Klaxon: Steampunk Smasher!

Piranha Katy Haye has a new book out, whoop, whoop! An Airship from Ashes, second in the clockwork war series, is out today, available from Amazon in ebook and via Kindle Unlimited (the paperback should be available within the next 48 hours).

A glorious mash-up of steampunk and alternate history, An Airship from Ashes sees Clara and Gordy picking up the pieces after a Scottish attack on London.

Here’s an extract, with Clara in the middle of creating a hot-air device:

“Did something explode?”
I pushed my goggles up to my forehead when Gordy descended the stairs. “Not exactly.” With normal vision, I could understand how the debris scattered across the work table might have given Gordy that impression. I set an arm flat in the middle of the table and pushed at least half of it aside into a neatish pile. “I’ve made good progress.” I cleared my throat and pushed another section of stuff to the other side.
I fixed him with a stare. “You’re doubting me? Now?”
He smiled, clasping a hand to his chest. “Never, Clara!” He picked a cog from the table, then dropped it back as though admitting he hadn’t a clue what to do with the thing. “I’m glad you understand this stuff, because it’s lost on me,” he confessed.
“It’s a magnetic system,” I said, as though Gordy’s confession were actually a request for instruction. “I’ve never seen anything like it before.” I nodded towards a book lying open at the far end of the table. “It’s very new. And remarkable.”
“Can you make it work?”
“I already have. Look.”
Gordy joined me at the end of the table. “I cannibalised it from Murgatroyd’s heater,” I explained, winding the clockwork mechanism as I spoke. “The magnets work in opposi—”
I blinked at the interruption. “Yes?”
“I mean no insult, but you might as well be speaking Dutch. I don’t need to know how it works, just your word that it works is enough.”
“Well, look at the result.” I removed the key and the clockwork swung into action. The metal coil was soon glowing, warming the air around it. That rose and filled the small canvas bag I’d rigged above the mechanism, filling the fabric like a mechanical breath. As the mechanism clicked, the canvas bulged and shifted, then finally lifted the entire contraption off the table. It rose on a tilt and wasn’t particularly elegant, but… “It works.”

Grab your copy and read on now!

Haven’t started the series? The story begins in The Clockwork War. It’s available in paperback, or as an ebook exclusively within the Shattered Worlds YA collection.


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