Review: The Magic or the Rulership by Emily Marth Sorensen

About the book:

Tevan loves having a talent for magic. He never took the oath, yet he can do things the magicians around him can’t even dream of.

As a vassal, that’s a great thing. As a newly-chosen landowner heir … well … it might pose a slight problem, since he just learned that magic is forbidden for landowners.

But never mind! He probably won’t get caught. And they’re not serious about that death penalty anyway, are they?

The Magic or the Rulership is available exclusively in Shatter Worlds.

Review by Katy Haye:

This magical story was a real treat. I loved it. It’s set in a fantasy world and had some glorious touches – I adored the idea that being a mathematician was a surefire way to poverty, and the system for power in the world was fascinating, and delightfully different from anything I’ve read before.

Tevan and Ainlinn were a wonderful couple, and although it was fantasy, their relationship had a wonderful thread of realism that made me smile.

Above all, it was infused with delightful humour. I laughed out loud several times and read the whole story with a smile on my face.

Highly recommended!

If you dash across now, you’ll catch Emily’s last day on the Shattered Worlds read-along!

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