Review: Venus Shining by Jennifer Alsever

About the book:

TRIUMPHANT at last, Ember has fought her way back from the evil witch’s curse and reclaimed her identity, her sense of self. Now she must stop Xintra from hurting the boy she loves, even as she uncovers the truth behind her mother’s dark, twisted past.

REJOICING in her power over the human race, Xintra is closer than ever to achieving her father’s dream—a dream she sacrificed her own life to realize. But when key members of her team defy her, she must scramble to enact her plan before obedience gives way to anarchy.

BREAKING free from the chains that once bound her to a life of wickedness, Zoe must face the past she once sought to escape in order to save the futures of those she doomed. Will she make amends with the dead in time to save the living?

Cover of Jennifer Alsever's Venus Shining

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Review by Katy Haye:

I’ve read all three of this series now and it is FABULOUS. This was a really strong finish to the trilogy. I loved stepping into the past to see how Trinity Forest became the place it is, and how Xintra gained her power.

The characters were fabulous and the writing was as strong as ever.

My only small niggle was that the resolution and defeat of Xintra seemed a little speedy. Given how dangerous she was and how strong she’d become, I wasn’t entirely sure whether she had truly been defeated or whether she might be able to rise again. But perhaps that’s deliberate and we’ll hear more from her!

I loved Venus Shining, I loved the Trinity Forest series and I can’t wait to see what Jennifer writes next.

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