Review: Witchborn by Nicholas Bowling

About the book:

It’s 1577. Queen Elizabeth I has imprisoned scheming Mary Queen of Scots, and Alyce’s mother is burned at the stake for witchcraft. Alyce kills the witchfinder and flees to London – but the chase isn’t over yet. As she discovers her own dark magic, powerful political forces are on her trail. She can’t help but wonder: why is she so important? Soon she finds herself deep in a secret battle between rival queens, the fate of England resting on her shoulders…

Cover of Nicholas Bowling's Witchborn

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Review by Katy Haye:

Witchborn reminded me a lot of Mary Hooper’s historical novels (i.e. it was excellent). The world was entirely convincing for Elizabethan London. It departed from the historical genre with the supernatural addition of witchcraft (genuine uncanny abilities, not hysteria about wise women), but I was entirely happy to go along with the fantasy elements.

Alyce and Solomon were fabulous characters and there was a colourful cast of secondary characters who breathed life into the story. The witchfinders were genuinely creepy and I enjoyed the royal twist.

A glorious piece of historical escapism.

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