New release klaxon!

Get out the champagne and the party-poppers, readers! Piranha Katy Haye has released her steampunk series, A Clockwork War, in a boxed set edition. If like to sit and binge your way through a series once it’s complete, here’s your chance to get the entire series at 40% off the price of the individual books.

Katy Haye's A Clockwork War: the complete series

Imagine Queen Elizabeth I never ruled.
England and Scotland never unified.
It’s 1845 and the two countries are once more at war.

Step into a sensational steampunk world with Clara, who only wants to keep her brothers safe, but gets embroiled in adventure and treachery when she goes to London to build a device that should bring an end to the war.

“one of the best steampunk stories I’ve ever read” – Amazon review

“mystery, a quick plot, fun characters and a giant twist (or two) – Amazon review

Grab your copy now (to buy, or use your KU subscription).

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