Cage Runner by Vera Brook

About the book:

Kai has survived the No Limits Race, outsmarting the system and choosing to do what’s right rather than win at all costs. But his actions triggered events beyond his control, and now his enemies threaten both him and those he cares about.

When Emily disappears without warning, Kai sets out on a dangerous search for her across the lawless sectors of the megacity, forging new alliances and making new enemies along the way. But once again, Emily may have an agenda he knows nothing about, and one that will test both his courage and his loyalty.

Can Kai find the answers to his questions and save the person he loves before it’s too late?

Cover of Vera Brook's Cage Runner

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Review by Katy Haye:

This was a strong follow-up to Sand Runner. I love the world Vera Brook has created – it’s close enough to ours to be entirely comprehensible, but with some nasty twists that are utterly plausible for the close future.

It was also fun to spend more time with Kai. Bless him, I alternately wanted to hug him and slap him for doing the right thing even when his moral code was clearly going to leave him at a massive disadvantage. And yet, it’s his loyalty and willingness to put himself on the line that lead to the friendships that provide help when he needs it.

Emily’s quest added a lovely twist of urgency, but I’m afraid my plausibility radar was triggered by one scene. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but the thing that she steals … well, I’m not trained, but I don’t believe you could just reach in and pull it out. I’m pretty sure you’d need some specialist equipment (and more time than it seemed to take).

But aside from that, this was a fun sequel and I’m looking forward to the next in the series to see how it works out.

Katy Haye writes speculative YA fiction. Katy’s The Clockwork War, set in an alternate, war-torn 1840s England with a mechanical genius for a heroine, a dastardly duke and a hero who isn’t at all as he appears, is the first novel in her complete steampunk series.

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