Review: Chosen by Grace by Alicia Rades

About the book:

She thought the demons were in her head… until the night they attacked.

Ryn Tyler didn’t intend to kill a demon when she moved to Eagle Valley—or to become the hero of a divine race of angels. She just wants to be a normal teenager, but fate has other plans.

While discovering the secrets of the supernatural, Ryn navigates a complicated relationship with Marek, the guy who can’t stop saving her life. But Marek knows more about Ryn’s magic than he’s letting on.

Only Ryn has the power to stop the coming apocalypse. But there’s a demon in Eagle Valley who wants that power for himself—and if Ryn wants to survive, she’ll have to fight back.

Cover of Chosen by Grace by Alicia RadesReview by Katy Haye:

This was a lovely supernatural read featuring a strong heroine, a highly-fanciable hero and a great supporting cast of characters and friends.

I loved the twists on genre staples – like the way Ryn and her best friend Allie deal with the party creep on their own rather than needing a boy to save them. And I also liked the way Ryn sought for other solutions, instead of violence being the first and only step to take against someone threatening you.

The action sequences were great, with lots of drama and peril.

My only niggle was that by contrast, the development of the romantic relationship didn’t quite chime for me. It felt a little like, “Oh, I’m in such dreadful danger and about to die … my, what lovely blue eyes you have.” But then, I’m a cynical old so and so – what better than to look at a lovely pair of eyes if you are facing death?

If you like strong, principled heroines and heroes with secrets, you’ll love this one.

Katy Haye writes speculative fiction for young adults. Contemporary fantasy, The Last Gatekeeper, is available now.

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