Review: Immortal Plunder (Pirates of Felicity) by Kelly St Clare

About the book:

There are three types of people in the Exosian Realm—males, females, and pirates.

I’m a pirate. One with six overprotective fathers for a crew. And if I’m telling the honest truth, not just the pirate truth, having so many fathers is working pretty well for me so far.

When I’m caught eavesdropping on the pirates of Malice, they retaliate with violence, and my fathers become set on revenge. But simple payback cascades into shattering misfortune.

Unexplainable magical happenings and impossible creatures propel me toward a fate much darker than stealing plunder. A terrible beast drags forth horrible truths of my fathers’ pasts which call my entire life into question. Now, my sheltered upbringing is swelling into a furious storm that I must, for the first time in seventeen years, navigate without my crew.

An intense russet-haired landlubber seeks to help me. A savvy silver-eyed Malice pirate strives to hinder me. But the further I drift, the more I wonder—am I helping or hindering myself?

Can I stand on my own two feet to claim victory?

And if so. . .what will that victory cost?

Review by Katy Haye:

A new release by Kelly St Clare is always cause for celebration in my house.

It only took a minute to fall completely in love with Ebba. What a glorious character – smart and determined and yet not stepping onto the page perfectly formed. Ebba has some growing to do and I loved walking alongside while her ideas were challenged and she found a strength she didn’t know she had.

Her fathers were also fabulous characters – with an added edge of intrigue. I can’t wait to find out what happened for Ebba to end up with six fathers who are the deadly enemies of the son of the man who was their captain.

But that’s getting ahead of myself. Kelly St Clare’s writing it always a delight to read, and Immortal Plunder led me on a glorious adventure with new revelations and growing magic at every twist and turn. Tremendously satisfying, I can’t wait for the next in a series I hope will run and run.

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