Review: Pillars of Six by Kelly St Clare

About the book:

Darkness crashes over the angry sea.

After the bloody skirmish on Pleo, my future is a jumbled mess. But I’m more concerned with the questions washing ashore: How can the pirates I’ve known my entire life be strangers now? How can they let past horrors rule them—after eighteen years? And how am I bound to this magical madness?

Chaos swirls, growing stronger every day, and I’m about to find out why.

Cosmo is determined to solve our problems the only way he knows how – landlubber style. The rest of my crew waver between duty and the urge to survive. But when I’m taken captive by the captain of Malice, I finally discover what’s lurking in the deep.

Pretence is washed away with the raging sea. Darkness takes root. Unwanted truth is as inevitable as the rising sun.

A battle is brewing around me…
And so is my reason to join the fight.

Review by Katy Haye:

Oh my, this series just gets better and better!

Kelly St Clare is at the top of her game with the Pirates of Felicity series. I’m loving every moment. The characters are intriguing and the world is dangerously glorious. I even loved the nasty-pasty king.

Ebba is a wonderful character who’s growing into a wonderfully courageous and determined young woman and Cosmo (can’t think of him any other way) is an utter treasure. Despite the gruesome danger, I just want to take a trip to the Exosian Realm and hang out with them all for a while.

My only complaint is that I’ve got to wait until February for the next in the series, when I want it NOW!

Katy Haye writes speculative YA fiction. New series, Princess Witch, kicks off in January with book 1, Dragon Thief. If you like magic, danger, deadly royals and girls who won’t accept their fates tamely, Dragon Thief is the book for you!

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