Earth-shaking freebies!

The end of the world is nigh! We have a special giveaway to share with you today. Piranha Katy Haye has joined up with a bunch of talented YA writers to bring you eight fabulous free books for today ONLY.

Fill up your kindle and keep reading from now to Christmas (and beyond!).

As you’ll know if you follow the Paisley Piranhas’ reviews and recommendations, The Retreat is an utter gem. Don’t miss the chance to read it for free.

Or take your pick: Piranha Katy Haye’s Rising Tides takes us to a drowned world where a small community of survivors need to figure out the truth before it kills them.

Jordan Rivet’s Seabound is also set in a watery world with vivid characters who seek out a utopia that turns out to be too good to be true.

Amber Vial by Frost Kay mixes aliens, spaceships and pirates with unpredictable results.

The Girl who Called the Stars is another fabulous sci-fi story with a wonderful main character, Alina, who isn’t quite sure who – or what – she is, with a massive destiny to grow into.

Logan Keys’ The Last City tells the story of a girl caught up in a desperate rebellion in a dark, dystopian world.

Talented introduces Talia, a girl with remarkable talents and a burning need for revenge. Dystopian romance with all the feels!

And Elle Scott’s Ray of Light follows three strong female characters caught in the crossfire of a war. They have to decide which side to support – which might lead to salvation or destruction.

Grab all of them today for worlds of reading pleasure!

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