Review: Dragon Chameleon by Sarah K Wilson

About the book:

It takes a special kind of magic to hide in plain sight.

I’ve been hiding all my life but now I’m doing it for my country.

My partner in crime?
A chameleon dragon who takes things way too seriously.

They keep telling me that the world hangs in the balance, but I try not to take things like explosions, spies, and illicit magic too seriously.

After all, I get to ride a dragon!
That is … when she lets me.

Review by Katy Haye:

I absolutely adored the Dragon School series, so I was looking forward to starting Sarah K Wilson’s next series, although with a degree of trepidation – would it be as good, can she do it all over again?

My worry was entirely misplaced because Rogues’s Quest was absolutely terrific, and possibly even better than Dragon School (although maybe that was just my pleasure at being back in the glorious, dragon-filled world of both series which I have missed since Dragon School ended).

Tor is an absolute delight to spend time with – smart and sassy and a little bit too cocky for his own good, there was a fabulous gap between his expectations and what the reader knew which kept me smiling all the way through. Tor has a lot of learning to do and I can’t wait to watch while he grows.

If you’ve enjoyed Sarah K Wilson’s books you won’t need this review to tell you to read this, but if you haven’t, I highly recommend fast-paced adventure, Dragon Chameleon: Rogue’s Quest, as a great place to start!

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