Review: Freshman Witch by Ingrid Seymour and Katie French

About the book:

Of course magic is real. Everybody knows that.

Since it came out on the news that Supernaturals exist, I’ve heard they can do spells, shapeshift, live forever, you name it. Wonderful, right?

Whatever. In my world—where I’m homeless and spend my time avoiding rats and meth heads—magic sounds like major BS.

But when I’m accused of stealing and they’re about to arrest me, the item I took disappears from my hand as if by magic. WTF?

Just like that, the Supernatural Academy swoops in and recruits me. But I don’t belong there, and everyone else agrees, including Rowan Underwood, this rich and annoyingly handsome warlock who has it in for me. He’s investigating the theft of magical artifacts, and he thinks I’m involved.

Seriously? I just got here.

But I can’t worry about that, not while dead kings try to drain my essence or a spell from angry pixie minotaurs sends my hair follicles into overdrive until I look like Cousin It.

Yet, I can’t avoid Rowan, and while I learn enough magic to stay alive, I also need to keep myself from falling for a guy who’s clearly my worst decision ever.

Review by Katy Haye:

Katie French and Ingrid Seymour have created a fabulous, lively world and story in Freshman Witch. Supernaturals are out in the open, although not trusted – either by each other, or the human population.

Charlie made an excellent heroine, with plenty of problems stacked against her (and mysteries which I’m sure will be uncovered as we progress through the series). I was willing her on to succeed against all the odds.

And Rowan was lovely. The spoiled rich boy trope was twisted to something real and heart-breaking.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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