Review: Voice of Power by Melanie Cellier

About the book:

In Elena’s world words have power over life and death—but none more so than hers.

As the daughter of shopkeepers, Elena has always known that the mysteries of reading and writing are closed to her. Only the mageborn can risk harnessing the power unleashed from putting pen to paper. Until Elena discovers an impossible new ability and joins the elite ranks of the mages.

But with the kingdom at war, the authorities can’t agree if Elena is an asset, or a threat they need to eliminate. Thrust into the unknown world of the Royal Academy without friends or experience, Elena will need all of her wits, strength, and new power to carve a place for herself.

Except as the attacks become more personal, wits and strength won’t be enough. Elena will have to turn to new friends and an enigmatic prince to unlock the mysterious potential of her words and survive her first year as a trainee mage.

Review by Katy Haye:

My last review for 2019 and my goodness, it’s a cracker! This YA fantasy started out as an unassuming, easy read, but it has real depth.

Melanie Cellier has created an excellent world with in-built tensions, and the magical system is refreshingly new and convincing.

Elena was a strong and relatable character, and I loved how she grew during the course of the book – and how that tied in with the world and its politics and beliefs. I hope the next in the series will go in the direction I think has been hinted at – where there is lots of scope for character development and a whole heap of drama.

My only niggle is that the romantic elements were beautifully handled, low key and believable – up until the kiss, which felt clumsy and tacked-on to me.

Overall, I loved this book and I’ll definitely be continuing Elena’s adventures (Voice of Power is first in the series).

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